Serving: Burke, Jefferson, Jenkins & Richmond Counties

Who Are We?

WorkSource Georgia is a federally funded program that utilizes Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) grant funding to empower individuals to pursue the career and education that they need for success!  

That means that we are able to assist individuals in reaching their goals at NO COST TO PARTICIPANTS!

What Do We Do?

After determining an individual's eligibility & suitability, we are able to provide an experience that is entirely tailored to you- because nobody else is going to have the exact same goals, ambitions, and dreams.  WorkSource CSRA can help you to jump straight into your career, grow your work readiness skills, obtain work experience, or fund training and education.  Our goal is to help you set yourself up for a life of success and stability.  

Who Do We Serve?

WorkSource Georgia: CSRA specifically serves Region 12  (Burke, Jefferson, Jenkins, & Richmond Counties).  

This includes adults, dislocated workers, and youth. 


If you are seeking assistance with employment or education, please reach out to someone on our team for further information!

Where Can You Find WorkSource CSRA?

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Not a current resident of one of these 4 counties? 

 Don't worry!  There is a WorkSource Georgia Area that includes your county!

Wondering what services we can provide?

General Resources

As long as you meet our general eligibility requirements, we are able to assist you with a variety of services! 

Tailored to You

If you meet a different level of  eligibility requirements, we may be able to provide customized services that are tailored to your educational & occupational goals.  

Have more questions or want to learn more?

Check out these Frequently Asked Questions, or head to our Contact Us page to learn how to get in touch with us!

The CSRA Regional Commission acts as the administrative entity for WorkSource Georgia: CSRA.  This means that the WIOA state and federal grant funding that we receive is managed by the CSRA Regional Commission.  WorkSource Georgia: CSRA then acts as the service provider, meaning we lead the program development, case management, and general workforce development for Region 7 Area 12.

WorkSource Georgia: CSRA functions through the CSRA Regional Commission.  Both of these entities are Equal Opportunity Employers.  For more information on this, please click on the button below.