You may be wondering how we can help you...

...and that really depends on your personal and professional goals!  

If you aren't sure what your goals are, that is a great place to start.  The MyNextMove assessment is a tool that can help you to figure out what your goals are and then we can help you figure out how to reach those goals!

Want to explore the WIOA program options in our area?  Follow these steps!

1- Go to the Portal

Click on "Training and Education Programs"

2- Click to Change Area

Under "Select New Area," choose "Workforce Region."  

Then, choose "Central Savannah Workforce Investment Area."

Explore Options!

Now, you can explore some of the program options that may be funded under WIOA funding for eligible participants!  

Be sure to click through all of the pages to see all of the options!

Do you already know what kind of services you need?

Maybe you need help getting your GED, you want to get your CDL, or you just need more training in order to move up in the workforce!   Let us know how we can help you to identify your goals and the steps you need to take!

We also have a high school diploma completion program available through a partnership with Richmond County School System.  Click the button below to learn more or apply.


We are able to offer veterans the same general career and education assistance that is offered to all of our participants, with the addition of providing financial assistance for the VET2  program through Georgia Tech.  

Have more questions or want to learn more?

Check out these Frequently Asked Questions, or head to our Contact Us page to learn how to get in touch with us!